First Global Open Mic Stand Up Comedy Contest 2012-2013-2014 gives anybody in the World an open platform to perform five minutes of unedited, raw stand up comedy. The whole World gets to vote! There is a $5,000 for the best new comic AND another $5,000 prize for the most popular critic!

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Tommy Dean
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Tommy Dean Says it how it is.
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WEDNESDAY 26th December 2012

The stand up comedy contest is now well underway. We now have more than 70 acts. So far the videos are solely from Australia (home of the video contest) and the USA.

Carlo Sands is well in the lead with 36 likes. Carlo has done an excellent job promoting himself via Facebook and his blog.

Chinese blog spammers have recently invaded the site. As a result, we have had to moderate the comments to ensure that they are real submissions. Rest assured we are not assessing the content other than ensuring they are real human submissions.

Australia Creates the First Global Comedy Contest Online
NEWS RELEASE is the Worlds first Global open-mic stand up comedy contest for up and coming comedians. Launched globally in September 2012, brings the concept of stand-up comedy contest from the corner rooms of the local pub to a global online audience.


Monday 5th October 2012 is the first open-mic contest that is open to the whole world. Anybody, anywhere in the world can upload up to five minutes of material. Everybody gets to judge.

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Sydney entrepreneur, Adrian Saunders created Adrian was one of the two founders of Sydney’s iconic “Quest for the Best contest”. The concept combines Saunders passion for creating online communities with his love of stand-up comedy.
Soft Launched with local comedians in September, is now open to the whole World.

“The most frustrating part of being a new stand-up comic is the lack of stage time available. When you do land a gig, often the audience is small and consists of other comics nervously waiting their own stage time. allows comics to have a global audience. Our commitment is breathe new life into the local comedy scenes, create an opportunity for comics to develop themselves and create the stars of tomorrow” Adrian Saunders Founder


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